Code D7

A rare 5 gallon Vigzol Oil can which any automobilia enthusiast would particularly enjoy.

There is still some original oil inside. The lid appears currently not to open but freely turns. I suspect there is a knack to opening it. The main body of the oil can has maintained much of its amazing colourful graphics. There is loss of paint particularly to the dome shaped area which does not detract from the overall patina gained through its years of use.

Found in one of the several sheds of an old house where the generators were kept and still are which ran electricity to the house. The cables running from the shed to the house are still present. Quite something.

DIMENSIONS: H:50cm W:D27cm – bottom end

Company History:

Vigzol Refining Co. was established in 1919.

The company was established in Ormskirk, West Lancashire, to manufacture and distribute motor oils, primarily to local garages or direct to the farming industry.

The Aughton Street premises soon became too small and so the local brewery was purchased and the malt house converted to office and storage space.

A new state of the art plant was installed, cap­able of producing 50,000 gallons of lubricating oil per week.

1924 Opened a second production plant in Dublin and offices in the West End of London

1937 Lubricating-oil manufacturers. “Vigzol” Lubricating Oils. “Vigzoleum” Greases.

In the 1960s, the company was merged with Amoco and production continued at the Green Lane site of Amoco lubricants.

Early 1970s the company left the Ormskirk site.