Oil painting of clergyman by martin benson

Code: P65

A collection of paintings by actor and artist Martin Benson.

Martin Benson was best known as an actor who appeared in many well-known films, such as Cleopatra, Goldfinger, The King and I, The Omen, and many more. In addition to his screen and TV career he also appeared on stage, including playing The King and the Kralahome in the original stage production of The King and I at Drury Lane Theatre, London. He was also a producer of films running his own production company.

As an artist he was known for painting many celebrities, held several exhibitions and exhibited at The Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition on several occasions. The artwork had been consigned by his daughter.

This painting of a clergyman perhaps a continental one based on the colours used is an oil on board. Quite a striking looking fellow and lovely use of colours.

Condition: The board is somewhat loose inside the frame.

20th Century.

Dimensions: H:79cm W:67cm D:2cm