Landi Chairs

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A design classic originally designed in 1938 by Hans Coray. The Landi chair is the original outdoor dinning chair but is versatile enough for indoor use. It can be stacked 6 chairs high as per the original design. Vitra’s re-edition of this classic chair stays true to the original while making the most of the latest technology available.

The seat is made from pressed aluminium sheeting with a matt anodized finish. Armrests and legs are made from bent aluminium with the same finish. Each chair has 91 holes. New Landi Chairs today retail £600 and more.

There are the usual marks to the ends of the arm rests from years of stacking as well as some general scratches as evidenced in the photos but in overall very good condition. They have all kept their rubber feet covers so there are no concerns with using the chairs inside the home.

Price is £225 per chair. Four are available.

DIMENSIONS: H:78.5cm(30.90in) Seat Height:47.5cm(18.701in) Width:5cm(1.96in) Depth:65cm(25.91in)


When Hans Coray, humanist and artist, designed the aluminium chair as the official seating for outdoor areas of the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition – He created a chair that would be weather-proof, lightweight, supremely comfortable and suited for industrial production using the latest technical capabilities of aluminium processing. Up to now, the history of this classic chair has been marked by alternating manufacturers, breaks in production and modifications to the original design. Now over seventy-five years after its debut, the Landi Chair has found a new home at Vitra.

Working together with Henriette Coray (Hans’ wife), Vitra has taken the Landi Chair back to the original shell form and detailing while simultaneously adapting it to today’s standards.

It’s obvious to see why this chair has rightly gone down in history as a modern masterpiece.