Code I37

Antique pine tool chest with three lovely drawers. The drawers are adorned with brass pull out handles.

In addition to the tool chest there are a a large number of antique collectable tools some of which are particularly sought after.

There are a number of chisels marked with various very well respected makers stamps, for example, Sorby and the like.

The brass back and the rip saw are both branded with the sought after manufacturer Drabble & Sanderson.

The large ebonised square is marked with the equally sought after manufacturer Bennet Burley Glasgow.

The bevel too contains a makers mark.

In addition to the above there are additional tools as shown in the photos.

Many of the tools have been engraved with the previous owner’s name, namely, W.T.Nimmo which was the usual practice back in the day to deter thieves from stealing the tools of their trade. Many had such tool chests and tools as they were carpenters and perhaps W.J.Nimmo was one also. What is clear is that he clearly loved his tools to go to the trouble to engrave them. We for sure are grateful to currently be in possession of part of W.J.Nimmo’s personal history.


W:89cm L:46cm H:46cm


Clearly the tool chest has issues underneath. It does need a capable person to repair it. The chisels may need sharpening and some ends repairing. Some of the tops of the handles may need a little attention too. None of the issues are insurmountable for a restorer, carpenter or non qualified skilled person.