Code P7

A lovely painting of a Victorian bearded gentleman. The silver beard is rather impressive as too is the frame. The photos show how ornate the frame is from the front, sides and rear boasting an intricate design. Also shown are the frames imperfections and some paint loss by the gentleman’s right side.

There are two old labels on the frame, one by the side and the other to the rear. The one on the rear reads ‘GODDEN & SON. Furniture Removers & Wharehousemen CANTERBURY. A2759’.

This business was created in the 1890’s by Frederic J. Godden – Auctioneer, Furniture Remover, Upholsterer & Cabinet Maker. It appears that this painting more than likely went through their hands either via their auction or as part of what is commonly known today as a house clearance. The label adds insight into this painting which is invaluable. It helps to tell part of its story and history. What is just as pleasing is to see (online) photos of Godden & Son’s work premises and vehicles. It really helps to give you an appreciation of the true picture of this painting.

The other label in part seems to read ‘James, Park Lane Croydon. Is this label as old as the other? Was the painting being delivered to or collected from James? Endless possibilities.

DIMENSIONS: H:85cm(33.46) W:75cm(29.52in)