Code I7

An industrial set of drawers by manufacturer ‘Remax’ of Alfred Place, London.

This unit contains four drawers of which three have displayed inside the companies service guide which enhances its provenance by reflecting its true history and use, namely, a company ‘Remax Electrical Limited’ dealing in auto electrical parts.

One drawer consists of 12 small useful compartments. Another lovely feature is that all drawers have a lid. Two drawers have the makers transfer to their front, (one more prominent than the other), as well as other wording, all adding further patina.

Wear is commensurate with age and use. It is clear to see from the photos the patina it carries, notwithstanding, the evidence of obvious rust, knocks and dents. The third drawer can be pulled all the way out but it is just a bit sticky. A great piece that can still be used to store parts or other items.

DIMENSIONS: H:41cm(16.14in) W:47(18.50in) L:30cm(11.81in)


1928 Private company.

1945 Acquired by Rothermel Corporation.

1947 Remax had added to Rothermel’s business in replacement parts for the automotive industry, both electrical and mechanical.

1961 Merchants and manufacturers of electrical and mechanical motor car replacement parts and accessories.

By 1961 was a subsidiary of Simms Motor and Electronics Corporation.