A unique American Sun Service Equipment trolley. Sun Service equipments were used in garages to carry out automotive diagnostics and other automotive repair requirements. Sun Automotive equipment represents a great American company’s commitment to quality, customer service, and exceptional value and are very well built.

The attachments to each side of our trolley suggests it perhaps held a small diagnostic or other tester. Either way it was used in automotive garages. I have come across a few steel cabinets but none like ours. The mixture of metal and wood compliment each other nicely particulary with the patina the shelves exude. The logo has been transferred to a metal back. The existence of the shelf underneath is invaluable also. The castos are solid and move freely.

This trolley can be used in a number of different environments and ways, namely, man cave as a decorative item or to display a multitude of ‘stuff’ on top and underneath or as a drinks trolley. All equally could be achieved in a home with an industrial decor.

DIMENSIONS: H:100cm(39.37in) H:Attachments 107cm(42.12) W:55cm(21.65in) D:44cm(17.32in)