Set of 9 Large Vintage Enamel Industrial Lights


A stunning run of 9 large enamel industrial light shades in a sublime green colour.

These came from a warehouse were they were omitting huge wattage. We employed the services of a family run lighting company that also deal with large commercial lighting projects across the UK. They took out all the gubbings inside which had allowed for wattage required for the large warehouse and installed new bulb holders for domestic use long enough to allow the large round bulbs to fill the hole and prortude giving them a fantastic look.

In addition, they rewired them and provided the hanging chains and hooks.

Please note that the brand new bulbs are included.

The shades themselves, we have never seen the like before. The way the cone and the lower part of the shade connect with each other differs to the ubiquitous all in one shades. The holes in the cone are also aesthetically pleasing. As the buyer’s electricain will need to connect these lights, we can only guess that light also shines though the holes giving them another dimension.

These lights would do justice in any commercial setting, whether it be a restaurant, bar, cafe or retail. Of course, these would also look great in a home setting with the lights sctatterd around the house and several high over a dinning table. Options are endless but what you would have is a great talking point.

Dimensions: H:37.5cm (14.76 inches) D:44cm (17.32 inches)

Condition: Some of the shades come with more patination than others. Here you have the best of both worlds as some have a much smoother look and others that rustic look.

The metal meshes also differ in condition. General scuffs and marks but one in particular has been repainted and the inside shows more rust than the others. It could do with a proper repaint.

Please ensure you employ a qualified electrician to connect the lights to your preferred power point/system.