Code P14

The artist Tich Herald was interviewed by writer Dominic Joyeux whose caption on You Tube reads:

“Tich was a Bedford artist whose life burnt bright for a short while. I can’t confirm this but am pretty sure he passed away in the 1990s. We filmed him in 1988 in two parts. The first was filmed while he and his team were packing away an exhibition he had staged at Bedford School – hence the noises off. Then the second part was shot in his studio flat in St Mary’s Street near the Embankment.

Perhaps unusually for an artist, Tich sold a considerable number of paintings – over a hundred before this was filmed when he had turned 30. As there is very little about him online here’s a mini-retrospective of his work”

I have several paintings by this artist. This rather striking one on the left hand side reads:’The First Portrait of Mr. & Mrs. P.J.Herald.’ Presumably his parents or some form of famiy member. The painting is surrounded within a silver coloured metal frame. The ladies dress really brings this painting to life with its vibrant colour.

The right hand side reads ‘Tich Herald Seventy Five’

It is clear from watching his interview and reading the online comments from his friends how tormented he was and yet he makes reference to pricing some paintings at five thousand pounds. In addition, having sold over 100 hundred paintings before he turned 30, one wonders what accolades would have been bestowed upon him today.

In very good condition, notwithstanding the odd droplet of paint to the right side.

DIMENSIONS: W:92cm(36.22in) L:69cm(27.16in) D:2.5cm(0.98in)