Code F6

A stunning bank of 15 drawers made from pine. The unusual form is partly what grabs your attention. It is made up of 9 small drawers along the top and 6 bigger ones along the bottom. Notwithsatnding, the knocks it’s had in its industrial lifetime; some cracks to drawers and carcus as evidenced in the photos, this piece simply exudes patina. This piece would look the part in any kitchen.

The label in one of the drawers adds to the character of this item very much so. The label shows the manufacturer as Peek Frean. You wil note from the brief history below that Bedford is mentioned as does the label. It is quite likely that this bank of drawers was actually used in their kitchens or offices. Not only is this a wonderful piece but it comes with the added bonus of a story.

In 1857-James Peek (1800-1879) already a wealthy tea importer opened a biscuit factory in a former sugar refinery at Mill Street, Dockhead, London

1860-James was joined by a relative, George Hender Frean (1824 – 1903).

1861-Peek Frean began exporting biscuits to Australia

1913-Sales doubled since 1900, then introduced the custard cream and opened a subsidiary chocolate factory, Meltis in Bedford.

1989-Peek Frean UK was acquired by Danone, but with biscuit sales in decline and manufacturing running at 50%, the factory closed.

Date: First quarter 20th Century at the latest based on the Bedford factory being opened in 1913.

DIMENSIONS: W:183cm(72.04in) H:50cm(19.68)

Top drawers – W:19cm(7.48in)

Bottom drawers – W:29cm(11.41cm) H:13cm(5.11in)